So many people forget that they have precious memories just sitting in an attic, a basement, or even in their old VCR’s and analog equipment. That’s what happened to 26 year old TyRe Alexander, who’s first steps were recorded, and then left in the family’s VCR. If it wasn’t Texas filmmaker Jim McKay, those memories would have been lost.

However, these happy endings are not typical. We hear too often that family memories and home movies have been lost. Most of the time they are lost due to tape degeneration, mold or water damage. Here at HB Media Solutions, we transfer almost anything to DVD or USB. We ensure you memories are kept safe, even if the postal carrier loses it on it’s way back to you.

Have a few VHS tapes to transfer? Transfer 4 tapes, and we will do the fifth for free. We are also running a huge special on scanning photos. Scan 1000 photos, and save over 62%. 

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About HB Media Solutions

Since 2007, we’ve been assisting South Florida families in preserving more than one million cherished memories through digitalization. We provide unbeatable value with the best pricing, top-notch video quality, and exceptional service. Our commitment to excellence includes superior quality, secure cloud storage, swift processing, convenient local dropoff, and a happiness guarantee.