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Need VHS Tapes Converted to DVDs in West Palm Beach?

We convert VHS tapes to DVD’s for West Palm Beach customers with the highest quality equipment to ensure you will have the best conversions to DVD or digital formats. HB Media Solutions has been in business for over 15 years and conveniently located in Sunrise Florida, just a small drive away from West Palm Beach or you have to option to mail them to us to convert! 

Old VHS videotapes needed to be converted to DVD or Digital Format as possible to DVD or Digital Formats as VHS tapes start breaking down after 12-15 years, which means your memories, family videos, and history is will fade away. Without converting those VHS tapes to digital, the information on them can be lost permanently. 

We also clean, restore and remove mold from VHS tapes, leaving you with only your memories.

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How it Works

Converting Your Memories Has Never Been So Easy!
Receive by mail your convert media on a Thumb Drive, DVD or Cloud
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Drive or Send

Visit our store in Sunrise Florida and drop off your tapes 


Pack your box with all your analog media. With the pre-paid return shipping label, hand it to your mail carrier.


Our team of professionals will digitize every item, by hand, ensuring the absolute best quality.


You’ll receive your originals, plus perfectly preserved digital copies on thumb drive, the cloud or DVD.

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