Our Team

Harold Bramson
I started HB Media Solutions in late 2007 after I was successful converting my own personal collection. I am very thankful that I have been able to save the precious memories of over 10,000 satisfied customers.
Lukkee Chong
Film Transfer Specialist
Lukkee Chong has been involved in television production since 1972. He has worked hands-on with most technology over the years. As a content creator his experience covers most production needs, offering a turnkey operation satisfying all his clientu2019s requirements. Today his talents are applied to the film transfer services of the clients of HB Media Solutions.
Tiffany Smith
Photo Restoration Specialist
Tiffany is our skilled photo restoration specialist. She has a Bachelor in Fine Art from AI Miami International University of Art and Design as well as an Masters in Fine Art from Full Sail University.nShe has spent over a decade exploring the various areas of Graphic Design and Photography and has specialized in Photo Retouching and Restoration since 2010 which she primarily does at Disney Fine Art Photography.

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