Pal Secam NTSC Conversion

The Cure For The TV Standard Incompatibilities Syndrome

If you’ve lived in countries outside of the United States, then you know all about TV standards incompatibilities. When a person who lives in the United States and receives a video from overseas it can be either PAL or SECAM formats. Usually a person cannot watch it on their TV because in North America we use NTSC.

What do the video formats stand for?

NTSC means National Television System Committee standard and PAL is short for Phase Alternating Line. PAL is used in Western European Counties, Australia and in some counties of Africa, South America and Asia. NTSC is a color standard that is used in the United States, Canada, Japan and other countries of North and South America. This also includes Asia as well.

What do you do with your PAL or SECAM videos?

Let HB Media Solutions convert those videos or DVD’s to NTSC format so you can once again enjoy watching your family memories. The formats we can do are: VHS, VHS-C, HI-8 or digital 8, and Mini DV’s. Sorry we cannot transfer PAL Beta at this time. Our prices are reasonable and go to our pricing page and check out our new prices.

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