Are you looking for transforming old VHS tapes to DVDs ? If so, HB Media Solutions can help! One of the most important things to treasure is the memories we have with our loved ones. And for past 20 years, this has been achieved by making use of VHS tapes. However, as no one will ever want to lose those memories considering the various pitfalls of VHS tapes, the introduction of DVDs has brought a deep sigh of relief. And consequently, people are gradually looking to convert their old VHS Tapes to DVDs.

VHS Tapes to DVDsViewing convenience

DVD is exceptionally superb with better color, higher resolution, direct access to chapter stops support for a widescreen and progressive scan, no rewinding, etc. Unlike VHS tapes, no tape heads are used in DVDs. In addition, DVDs also use menus and chapters that are similar to a book. You only need to find the chapter to view it on the disc without delay.


Unlike the VHS tapes that take too much space in our homes, a DVD is very compact and occupies less space. When you convert old VHS tapes into DVDs, you can easily store them in durable plastics cases for long-term storage or even between book pages.VHS Tapes to DVDs

Memories preserved for future generations

Transforming your old VHS Tapes to DVDs will preserve your precious memories regardless of the option you choose. Note that transforming old VHS Tapes to DVDs will not improve the quality of the VHS recording. But unlike the VHS that tends to have poor quality as it ages, the DVDs will not lose any quality. The quality will remain intact even when passed down from one generation to another. Since it is in a digital format, the DVD can also be duplicated exactly without tampering with its quality.

VHS Tapes to DVDsPortability

The digital pictures or videos stored on DVDs can be transferred to any popular digital media player or even mobile phones. This portability is impossible with VHS tapes. Also, DVDs are durable and last longer. They can last over 100 years with no degradation as data is stored optically and cannot be affected by any element. VHS tapes, on the other hand, degrade with time and can even be destroyed by the VHS machine during playback. Additionally, VHS tapes are prone to tangling.

HB Media Solutions – VHS TAPES TO DVDs

Never let time erase your memories. Convert your old VHS to DVDs today and make it last for the next generation. Doing it yourself may result in accidental damage or erasure that may not be recovered. Therefore, it is best to HB Media solutions when converting your old VHS tapes to DVD. We are always available to help. Contact us now 954-241-3188

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