HB Media Solutions VHS to DVD Converter Service

VHS to DVD Converter Service

Some of the new year’s resolutions are to declutter the garage, but some never get rid of their VHS tapes because they hold precious memories. However, with HB Media Solutions, now its time to have them converted into a flash drive, DVD or both before its too late!

We are the first source for old media format conversions to bring them back in newer versions such as DVDs and USB drives. The secure storage and memory capacity of these small devices can hold hours of movie films, as well as hundreds of photographs and sliders that can later be shared in mobile devices and computers. As technology and social media evolve, many people share their memories with family members and friends through these outlets. That is why, to protect and preserve these memories, is essential to convert them immediately before they get moldy and ruined.

Why Hire Our Services?

Founded ten years ago in Sunrise, Florida, we have transferred hundreds of movie films, videotapes and scanned thousands of photographs successfully. Through our centrally located headquarters and affiliated website, we can deliver all over the US with the quality the client deserves. In addition, we are an accredited BBB member with an A+ rating and hundreds of positive reviews from our clients.

Our prices are within everyone’s budget and always finding ways to make promotions and bundle offers to facilitate the prices all-inclusive, and among the lowest in the industry. Our transfer quality is impeccable, providing a quick turnaround time in delivering the final product.

Are you ready to enjoy a blast from the past? Anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and other special event videotapes are welcome! We invite you to browse our site and see how DVD Memories can serve you. Ask for our DVDs and CD duplicates for family members or friends.

HB Media Solutions VHS to DVD Converter Service

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