Why Convert Cassette Tapes?

Audio cassettes were amazing in the 70s and 80s because we could take our music with us. We were able to share and even trade our tapes with friends. You could listen to your music anywhere – the bus, school, and even on an airplane (if you had the batteries of course.)

Many of us have already converted our old cassette tapes to cd or USB by now, but some people still have cassettes. Some music just can’t be purchased in a store – like a mixtape. If you ever made or received a cassette mixed tape, then you know how special the memories can be.

Unfortunately, you are running out time. Cassettes are known for hissing, fading in-and-out, and some just stop playing completely. Luckily, there is a fail-safe way to preserve these memories.

Here at HB Media Solutions, we transfer all kinds of tapes, one of them being the cassette tape. We will recover the audio from the tape, and then transfer it to either a CD or USB drive. You can even order copies to share with your friends and family.

Don’t wait until your tapes are gone, have them professionally converted.

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