16MM Sound And No Sound To: DVD, USB, Hard Drive Or Cloud


Do you have old reels of film laying around that you have not seen in years?  HB Media Solutions can convert your old reels of film to today’s technology.  Wouldn’t it be nice to see old family movies on your TV or computer and revisit the good old days?  We can transfer your 16MM films and convert them to DVD, USB, Hard drive, and the cloud. HB Media Solutions is one of the few companies that can transfer sound films as well.  Our staff expert has over 50 years of experience digitizing film. When you give us your films most transfers are return within three weeks.

HB Media Solutions, with 18 years in business, is the fastest tape transfer company in the United States.  Not only are we the fastest in converting and digitizing your film, but we offer the best customer service in the country.  We have over 560 five-star reviews on Google, Facebook and other social media platforms. In addition, we have not lost an order in 18 years.

If you have other films, please use these services instead…

*Important:* If you need a USB or Hard Drive solely for this transfer, please select it here. If you have already chosen a USB or Hard Drive, you do not need to select it again. You can add notes at checkout. Please call us, If you need multiple formats. 954 241 3188
USB Drive (+$34.99)
Hard Drive (+$124.99)
Cloud (+$7.99)
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